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Book Review - Eddy Stone and the Epic Holiday Adventure

6th September 2018

Join Eddy Stone, a pirate, an old lady and a grumpy penguin for a mad-cap adventure across the seven seas!

When Eddy Stone gets shipped off to his gran's for the summer holidays, he knows he's in for a whole heap of boredom. The local kids are mean to him, and his gran is so scatty she isn't much company anymore.

But when a black-bearded pirate ends up in Eddy's gran's bathtub, his summer holidays take an unexpected turn, and Eddy soon finds himself sailing out to sea on the good ship The Codcake, with the Captain, Crew and a stowaway penguin.

Like any good pirate crew, the Codcakers start on a quest for hidden treasure. In search of four objects to unlock the treasure, the first part of their quest takes them across the sea to the Deserted Island of Blossom. But quests for hidden treasure are never easy, and the Codcakers find themselves followed by Captain Barracuda Bill and his bad ship Scavenger, full of nasty pirates!

With a hopeless Captain, an elderly Crew and an attention seeking penguin, Eddy finds himself on an epic adventure that gets more and more tricky as it goes along. Will the Codcakers complete the quests to reach the hidden treasure, or will their plans be foiled by Barracuda Bill and the Scavenger crew?

Eddy Stone and the Epic Holiday Adventure will take you on a hilarious action-packed tour of the seven seas, to islands where trees can spout poetry, where sweets can hypnotise you and where x most definitely marks the spot.

So what are you waiting for? Climb aboard The Codcake for an epic adventure!

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