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Maria Caraman

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Hello and welcome to my page!

I registered with Usborne Books in June 2016 with no intention of selling books, but the idea of getting cheaper books for my little baby (6 months at the time of joining) was already a great thing; 4 months later I promoted to team leader status and I have a little team of my own that I am proud of every single day!

My baby girl is my main reason I joined Usborne,  I wanted to offer her something that she will treasure forever and educational in the same time! Books fitted just perfect in what I had in mind! 

She is My Little Explorer and mummy's assistant since I started my book venture with Usborne Books at Home! She is first to check the quality of the books. It's amazing how her library looks like after only 2 years of doing this.

If you do like books and would like to build a career around your family why not give it a try? You have nothing to lose! 

Best wishes

Maria xx



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