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Fiction Book of the Month - The Train to Impossible Places

18th December 2018

Jump aboard the Belle de Loin and join Suzy on a breathtaking adventure across the Impossible Places!

When Suzy Smith hears an unexpected noise in the middle of the night, the last thing she expects to see is train tracks across her hall landing. Then she meets Fletch, the troll engineer responsible for taking the train through her house, before the train itself makes a sweeping entrance in a whirling mass of wheels, rods and pistons.

Suzy can't understand the physics of how the enormous train has fitted into her house, and the train crew of trolls and a brown bear seem unwilling to tell her. Ever curious, Suzy decides to stowaway on the train and find out the answers for herself.

But Suzy's stowaway doesn't go as smoothly as she planned, and she finds herself clinging on to the train for dear life as it steams ahead. Pulled to safety by Postmaster Wilmot, she finds herself in a miniature post office stuffed from floor to ceiling with letters, boxes and parcels. Suzy strikes up a deal with Wilmot to keep her place on the Belle de Loin, not realising the danger of delivering parcels in the Impossible Places.

Arriving at the Obsidian Tower to deliver her first parcel, Suzy has no idea of the trouble she will land in. Faced with the terrifying Lady Crepuscula, Suzy wants to deliver the parcel as quickly as possible and leave. But then the parcel talks to her, and Suzy is left to make a decision that could derail the Belle de Loin and its crew completely. 

Suzy's voyage on the Impossible Postal Express takes her to places beyond her wildest imagination. From the desert wasteland of the Obsidian Tower, to the crystal waters of the Topaz Narrows, to the organised chaos of Trollville, prepare to join her on a whirlwind adventure you'll never forget.

The Train to Impossible Places is a magical adventure from start to finish. It will take you on a journey of discovery and open your eyes to a enchanting world just beyond your own reality. Forget waiting for your Hogwarts letter, keep your fingers crossed for a journey on the Impossible Postal Express.

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