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Natalie Fieldhouse, Independent Usborne Organiser

Book of the Month - Lizards

3rd December 2018

Lizards is a brilliant reference book, revealing the world’s many varieties of lizards, from tiny geckos that could fit on your fingertips to fearsome Komodo dragons and long-nosed Pinocchio lizards.

Find out which lizards can walk on water, why some lizards have very long toes, and how one type of lizard uses its extraordinary blue tongue to stay safe and scare off other animals. Discover new elements of the lizarding world with every page - our favourite is ‘Blending In’, which explores how lizards change the way they look so the insects they hunt can’t see them. We loved trying to spot the gecko hiding on a branch!

Full of fascinating facts, beautiful photographs and step-by-step visual explanations, Lizards is an intriguing introduction to the lives of this scaly species. The easy-to-read text is perfect for young children to dip in and out of, whilst the factual content is ideal for children who prefer non-fiction reads. Its hardback format also means it is robust and easy to carry – great for keeping more enthusiastic little readers entertained. Best of all, it is part of our Usborne Beginners series which is packed with collectible titles that are fantastic for libraries, schools or any family bookshelf.

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