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Natalie Fieldhouse, Independent Usborne Organiser

July Picks for Home Learning

25th June 2020

July's new titles contain a fantastic range of books that will support your child's home learning in a fun and engaging way. Here are our recommendations divided by subject:

Learning to Read

Beginners Series

Perfect for children that prefer fact to fiction, the Beginners series has a great range of titles to help children to learn more about the things that really interest them. This month's new title is Otters.

Phonics Readers

Support your child's early reading development with our Phonics Readers. With fun rhyming text, vibrant illustrations and parents' notes at the back, they're perfect for learning the foundations of reading. Our latest title is Goose on the Loose.

First Reading

First Reading titles are designed to be the first books a beginner will read for pleasure with very light support from a parent or teacher. They encourage the reader to develop reading stamina, and include up to six pages of fun, reading-related puzzles.

The Fox and the Crow is the latest addition to level 3 of the series.

Getting Ready for Starting School

Early Years Wipe-Clean

With durable, wipe-clean pages, a special pen, and lots of fun activities to practise again and again, the increasingly popular Usborne Early Years Wipe-Clean series is a brilliant support for the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework that is used in nurseries in schools. 

July's new titles are Starting to Write and First Pen Control.

Key Skills

Our Key Skills series is a collection of titles specifically designed to support the skills your child is learning at school, and focuses on English, maths and science. The wipe-clean design means that skills can be practised again and again, whilst extension activities and parents' notes mean that parents can stretch and support their children as they learn.

The latest additions are Comprehension 7-8 and Comprehension 8-9.


Unipiggle the Unicorn Pig: Dragon Trouble

Meet the princess who loves breaking the rules, and her Royal Unicorn, who happens to be a pig! There's trouble in store for Unipiggle and Princess Pea when a naughty dragon accidentally magics a dinosaur into Twinkleland... Will the dinosaur CRASH and BASH and SMASH down Twinkleland? Or can Unipiggle and Princess Pea find a way to stop the dino?

Sticker Dolly Stories: Fairy Picnic

The Magic Dolls have been invited to a fairy picnic, and the big day has finally arrived. But on the way they discover the Trolls have come down from the High Mountains and are on their way to the picnic too! The Trolls are incredibly clumsy and greedy, and are sure to destroy the picnic. Can the Magic Dolls stop them, before it's too late? 


See Inside Germs

What are microbes? How do our bodies fight them? Can they sometimes be useful? Lift the flaps in this engaging book to discover the microscopic world of germs! 

Lift-the-Flap Biology

From tiny bacteria to whole ecosystems and all the living things in-between, this interactive and accessible introduction to biology is packed with awe-inspiring facts.

Architecture Scribble Book

Jam-packed with ideas to develop, buildings to design and paper models to build and test, this scribble-in activity book contains everything needed to inspire children to think, draw and design like architects.

Activity Books

Perfect for some learning through stealth, here are our top three activity book picks from July's new releases:

Zoo Magic Painting

Brush water over the beautiful black and white illustrations and see a snake get its green scales, a flamingo's feathers turn pink, and more, as if by magic!

Unicorns Puzzle Pad

With a wide range of tear-off number, word, logic and picture puzzles, journey through the stars to the cloud castle and explore the magical world of unicorns!

Planet Earth Mazes

From rainforests to recycling, mountains to monsoons, this wonderful introduction to the wonders and challenges of life on Earth contains 45 highly visual mazes to keep active minds entertained for hours.

Animal Wordsearches

Aardvarks, sharks, tree frogs, zombie worms... Can you find some of the world's most amazing animals in this collection of wordsearches? A brilliant way to help young readers recognise letter patterns.