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Completely Cassidy Set

Completely Cassidy
Completely Cassidy Set

Meet Cassidy. With her embarrassing Dad, pregnant Mum, loser brother and mischievous dog, she feels practically invisible in her family. So even though starting Year Seven is totally nail-biting, she's *hoping* this is her time to shine... Laugh-out-loud with a big dollop of bonkers, Cassidy is a friend every pre-teen needs.

Includes: Completely Cassidy Accidental Genius, Completely Cassidy Star Reporter and Completely Cassidy Drama Queen.

3 books:

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3 books:
ISBN: 9781474984966

Tamsyn Murray

Multi-talented Tamsyn Murray writes for all ages, including her gorgeous Tanglewood Animal Park series for readers aged 7+, her hilarious Completely Cassidy series for 9+, and the stunning YA standalone, Instructions for a Second-Hand Heart, which was shortlisted for the Romantic Novelists' Association YA Romantic Novel of the Year, and won the Leeds Book Award in the 11-14 category. Tamsyn's other special talents include performing onstage, and being able to lick her own elbow.

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Tamsyn Murray

Press reviews

The Completely Cassidy series is an absolute delight: with bonkers family descriptions and dynamics a la Georgia Nicholson, and the terrific combination of genuine warmth and hysterical writing, I found myself laughing out loud constantly.
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