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Wands and charms

Wands and charms

Silverlake Fairy School: Book 2
Wands and charms

  • Enter the enchanting world of Silverlake Fairy School, with palace-kitchen fairy Lila Blossom, in this magical series.
  • Girls will love this bewitching series, filled with fun, friendship and fairies.
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It's Lila's first day at Silverlake Fairy School. She is delighted to receive a special charm for her school bracelet and her very own wand. But Lila quickly ends up breaking the school rules when bossy Princess Bee Balm gets her into trouble.

Even fairies can be sent home in disgrace and it seems Lila's school days are numbered.

“Readers are going to fall in love with Lila and her friends at Silverlake Fairy School”
Jamila Gavin


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Extra information

Key Stage: KS1/2 E; Age 7+

Lexile Measure: 720L

Book Band: 11 - Lime

BIC: C3N79

ISBN: 9780746076811
128 pages
198 x 130mm

Illustrator: Anna Currey

Elizabeth Lindsay

Elizabeth Lindsay trained as a drama teacher and worked for Theatre in Education, taking drama programmes into schools. She was also a puppeteer on the long-running children’s TV series Pipkins, playing Topov the Monkey and Octavia the Ostrich. She has written over thirty books including the the Magic Pony series, and various television scripts including episodes of The Hoobs and Heggerty Haggerty.

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Elizabeth Lindsay

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Wands and charms

Lila had been dreaming of Silverlake Fairy School ever since she had passed the entrance test. It had been a long wait but the first day of school had arrived and here she was on the riverbank surrounded by her friends and the other First Year fairies, ready to go. She was brimming with excitement. The school was on an island on the far side of the Great Silver Lake and to reach it they had to travel up the River of Sparkling Waters. The Golden Queen, the glittering royal barge belonging to the Fairy King and Queen, was to take them there.

The Fairy Palace had always been Lila’s home. Here was everything she knew and loved. She held tight to Cook’s hand. Soon they would be saying goodbye for the first time since Lila was a baby. She felt homesick at the thought. If only Cook could come too.

The autumn morning was chilly and the royal party was late. Fairies rubbed their fingers and wriggled their toes to keep warm. Lila hopped from one foot to another, fluttering her purple wings. They couldn’t go anywhere until Princess Bee Balm was aboard. It was her first day at Silverlake Fairy School as well.

There was a flurry among the waiting fairies as six prancing white ponies arrived, pulling the royal coach. The driver, an elf in green-and-gold livery, spoke soothingly to steady his team. They had galloped the short journey across the meadow from the Fairy Palace and couldn’t understand why they were stopping so soon.

“Better late than never,” said Cook huffily.

“It’s going to be ages before we see you again, Lila,” said Mip, the shoeshine elf and Lila’s good friend.

“Mustn’t spoil the moment by getting soppy,” Cook said, with a catch in her voice. “You going to school is what I’ve always dreamed of, Lila. But I shall miss you something rotten.”

“Me too,” groaned Mip.

“I shall miss you both terribly and horribly,” said Lila, giving Cook a big hug and Mip a kiss on the cheek. The elf turned bright pink but looked pleased all the same.

Reader reviews

Wands and Charms
I've read the book, and thought it was an enchanting and magical adventure!

Alice, 23rd August 2010