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Dancing magic

Dancing magic

Silverlake Fairy School: Book 6
Dancing magic

  • Lila is looking forward to receiving her Wand Skills fairy charm at the end of term but will Princess Bee Balm try to get her into trouble?
  • Enter the enchanting world of Silverlake Fairy School, with palace-kitchen fairy Lila Blossom, in this magical series.
  • Girls will love this bewitching series, filled with fun, friendship and fairies.

It's the end of term at Silverlake Fairy School, and Lila and her friends are practising to put on a spectacular show. But with Princess Bee Balm determined to upstage Lila, things are bound to go wrong.

There's a wonderful surprise in store for Lila though - one she didn't dare dream was possible.


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Extra information

Key Stage: KS1/2 E; Age 7+

Lexile Measure: 850L

Book Band: 11 - Lime

ISBN: 9780746095331
128 pages
198 x 130mm

Illustrator: Anna Currey

Elizabeth Lindsay

Elizabeth Lindsay trained as a drama teacher and worked for Theatre in Education, taking drama programmes into schools. She was also a puppeteer on the long-running children’s TV series Pipkins, playing Topov the Monkey and Octavia the Ostrich. She has written over thirty books including the the Magic Pony series, and various television scripts including episodes of The Hoobs and Heggerty Haggerty.

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Elizabeth Lindsay

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Dancing magic

When the class finally settled down, Mistress Pipit sent a hail of tiny orange suns from the tip of her wand and the words End-of-Term Assembly appeared magically on the board. Lila listened expectantly to her teacher.

“Now, fairies, there are only four more days left to the end of your first term here at Silverlake Fairy School and a very successful term it’s been. Each and every one of you has passed the first Wand Skills Charm Examination. I am very proud of you all. You’ll receive your well-earned first Wand Skills Charm at the end of term assembly.” Mistress Pipit smiled down at the happy faces of her pupils. “Fairy Godmother Whimbrel has told me that the assembly will take place in the garden, under the stars. And, most exciting of all, my splendid Charm One Class, she has granted you the special honour of putting on the school end-of-term show.” The fairies burst into applause. Lila could hardly believe it. When calm was restored Mistress Pipit added, “It’s an opportunity for you to show the rest of the school some of the skills you have learned in your first term.”

Lila almost burst with pride. She could hardly believe that her First Year class had been chosen and that their audience would be the Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Year fairies as well as all the teachers. It was a scary responsibility, but what a perfect way to end their first term at Silverlake.

“We must invent some stupendous transformation charms,” said Lila.

“And have a whizzy fairy dance,” added Bella.

“With a magical song,” said Meggie. “And I could make the costumes.”

Mistress Pipit held up her wand for silence. “Listen carefully. You’ll work in your clan groups, Stars, Suns, Clouds and Moons and your Head of Clan fairies have volunteered to help you. From tomorrow you’ll only have morning lessons in order to give you time to rehearse. You’ll meet with your Head of Clan fairies after school today. I’m going to give you time now to discuss and list your ideas ready for those meetings.”

“Bats’ umbrellas!” said Bella. “This is going to be the best end-of-term assembly ever.”