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Becoming a team leader

Become a Team Leader

If you’re ambitious and looking to build a full-time income, then you should consider becoming an Usborne Books at Home Team Leader.

As you build your Usborne business, you’ll begin to meet other people who share your enthusiasm for children’s books and would like to sell them too. If at least four people sign up to be a part of your team and successfully start selling books themselves, Usborne will promote you to Team Leader.

What are the benefits of becoming a Team Leader?

Financially, there are some great benefits to becoming a Team Leader. You can earn an extra 11% in bonuses on the sales of your team members and as your team grows, so will these bonuses. And this is all supplementary to the money you earn from selling the books yourself.

Usborne also adds all sorts of business benefits including discounts on new titles, free carriage, exclusive training meetings and some fabulous social events.

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