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I am an English mum of two school age children, living in Munich.  I am very happy with my life. We have great fun!  I am also an ex-primary school teacher.  I love teaching but I also wanted to spend time with my children while they were young. I miss it in a way but I love being the best mum I can be.

I thought my life was complete until I joined the world of Usborne, selling these gorgeous books and building my own Business.  It also took me back into a school setting which I love. So I have the best of both worlds - running my own flexible business plus getting back into schools too!

I won "Top New Organiser 2016" for the UK and EU.  How amazing is that? 

If you love Usborne Books then please contact me - I have a lot of them taking up space on bookshelves just waiting to find new homes.  If you would like to hold a party or a Book Fair at your Kindergarten or school then I can do that for you too.

Now I spend time running my business alongside having time with my children when they are home from school and the flexibility allows me to attend school events during the day. 

I enjoy the fantastic support network of Usborne Organisers and Leaders including that from Head Office.  I also love suporting and working with my team.

Do you want to order some books from me?

If you are in the EU then it is better to contact me directly to order books.  Use the website to browse and copy and paste your wishes (the ISBN number) in an email to me. I can then sort out the price in Euros and then order and deliver your books to you.  Happy Browsing!

If you love books, then come ask me about the benefits of joining my team.

Happy Reading!

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