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Hi. Thanks for browsing my website. I'm married with two boys, Tyler, 11 & Caiden, 9. I live in Cornwall and I work my Usborne business around my family and also working full time helping to run our family bakery. I love Usborne and am thoroughly enjoying everything it brings, whilst being able to choose what I do and when I do it.

I joined in May 2014 initially because I thought it would be something I would enjoy, a hobby, in my spare time. With two young boys, having access to so many wonderful books and cheaper, was a no brainer. I soon fell in love with my new hobby, became addicted to the books I could get (and for free)  and haven't looked back since!

If you would like full support and training from an experienced mentor, plus our wonderful division then look no further. Whether it's a hobby in your spare time to treat the kids, or you want to work from home and build a sizeable income so you don't need a 9-5 job, then Usborne could be perfect for you! Get in touch for a friendly chat to find out all you want to know!


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