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Caroline Armstrong

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Hi everyone. My name is Caroline and I joined Usborne Books at Home in August 2016 as a bit of a hobby and for something to do for me alongside my part time accountancy job and being Mum to my then 14 month old daughter, Bella. The idea of getting cheaper and free books for her really appealed to me as I'd always been a keen reader and wanted to make sure Bella grew up around books.

I'd asked around to see how interested people were before I joined and found the response good so decided to go for it. I ended up making over £900 of orders in my first month! I immediately fell in love with the job and wanted to share that with others so I started building a team. Now nearly 3 years later, I have left my accountancy job, had a baby boy, Blake, and earned an all expenses paid trip to India. All things which Usborne has allowed me to do.

My confidence and belief in myself has grown massively and my skill set too with all the amazing free training I get out of our Business Development Programme. I never feel like I'm working, it's constantly fun and so rewarding and to think none of this would have happened if I hadn't have taken the plunge and bought that box of books for £38 at the beginning. I can't wait to see what the future holds!


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