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Vanessa Marsh, Independent Usborne Organiser

Book of the Month - Look Inside a Hospital

2nd January 2019

Hospitals are big, busy and bustling, and can often be daunting and scary places for little ones. Look Inside a Hospital, the latest fabulous addition to our Look Inside series, is an important and engaging exploration of what really goes on inside a hospital. Meet some of the people who work there, learn how x-rays and scans work, visit the children's ward and get a first look at lots of intriguing behind-the-scenes action with this wonderful lift-the-flap book.

With over 50 fact-filled flaps to lift, this is a brilliant book for children who might be visiting a poorly relative, or who perhaps need to go into hospital themselves. Author Katie Daynes enlisted the help of five-year-old Josh Hammond - a very brave leukaemia patient - as her youngest researcher when working on the book. Josh's mum Katie explains how he eagerly took on the role because he wanted to help other children who might be feeling scared about going to hospital. Questions such as 'what is it like to stay overnight?' and 'how do operations happen?' are answered with wonderful, child-friendly illustrations and simple text (all informed by Josh's experience!), providing plenty of look and talk about opportunities for you and your children to discuss anything that might be worrying them.

The book begins with an 'Arriving' page where children can spot the ambulance and peek through the windows to observe the types of things that go on inside. It then explores the hospital's outpatient departments before rushing through to the emergency room, where a full page gatefold reveals even more information about all the incredible things doctors and nurses can do to help ill and injured patients get better. The next page shows where scans and tests are carried out before being led through to the operating theatre, where the anaesthetist is preparing a patient for his operation. The final section takes us round a maternity ward, a brilliant section that sensitively explains where women go if they're having a baby - ideal for reassuring any children who might have a little brother or sister on the way!

Look Inside a Hospital is a fascinating and important exploration of all the goings on behind-the-scenes in a hospital. Jam-packed with discussion and activity prompts, each spread encourages children to explore different departments and learn about all the different reasons a person may need to visit a hospital. With added internet Quicklinks to a range of carefully chosen websites, children can further expand their learning by taking a hospital tour and meeting patients, doctors and nurses.

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