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Vanessa Marsh, Independent Usborne Organiser

Enjoy the benefits of hosting an Usborne Party this January

2nd January 2019

Fancy a shopping experience with a difference? Host an Usborne book party for your family and friends, and you will receive a free Usborne book in addition to many other benefits and rewards.

The free titles* available for January party hosts are:

The Unworry Book (RRP £8.99)

This colourful and calming book is an unworry toolkit. Packed with a variety of activities - from things to write, colour and design, to calm-down tactics and relaxation exercises - this book is designed to distract from any anxieties by providing a place to sort through your worries and thoughts. 

What is Snow? (RRP £7.99)

Introduce children to the magic of snow with this delightful flap book. From a fresh flurry in the garden to the icy north and south poles, unfurl a giant snowflake, reveal footprints in the snow and see where snow goes when it melts with this simple but informative title.

First Illustrated Grammar and Punctuation (RRP £9.99)

Discover how English works with the help of this friendly, easy-to-follow guide. Filled with lively example sentences, fun illustrations and clear explanations, take young readers on a journey of understanding with this perfect introduction to grammar and punctuation.

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*To get one of the host books absolutely free, you simply need to host an Usborne party (with a total sales value of £120+) with an Usborne Organiser.