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Philippa Lyall, Independent Usborne Organiser

Create a new you with Usborne

3rd March 2014

Starter Kit

What characters do you play on a daily basis; parent, spouse, homemaker, carer, kids' taxi service? Are you looking for a new role, just for you, that will allow you to earn extra money and still have plenty of family time?

Then add a new character to your repertoire today, by joining my team as an Independent Usborne Organiser, to sell award-winning Usborne children's books.

It costs just £38 to join and, for that, you'll receive a Starter Kit of books and stationery (worth over £152) which contains everything you need to get off to a great start (namely lots of lovely books and some useful business stationery). And if you get off to a successful start Usborne will reward you by refunding your £38 sign up fee!

Assume your new role now!

March is a brilliant time to join as it is right in the middle of World Book Day season. Many people will be looking for the perfect book for their child and, nurseries and schools will be keen to hold events. As an Usborne Organiser you can offer every child with a World Book Day token £1 or (1.50 euro) off any book in the Usborne range.

There are lots of opportunities to develop your new character with Usborne Books at Home and, only you can write your own Usborne success story. Pick up a pen and begin today, by joining now.

Want to know more?

Read more about what's involved in becoming an Usborne Organiser and watch this video which covers the most frequently asked questions that Usborne Organisers receive from new recruits.

I'd like to become an Organiser, how do I join?

Join now through my website or contact me for a chat about joining.

Please note the March Starter Kit offer is available from 9.30am on Monday 3rd March to 9.30am on Tuesday 1st April 2014.