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Devil Darling Spy

Orphan Monster Spy: Book 2
Devil Darling Spy

The deadliest weapon is a girl with nothing to lose...

Sarah is used to spying in the champagne-fuelled parties of Nazi Berlin. But her new mission is infinitely more deadly – tracking a lethal disease across bullet-torn Africa, to uncover the monster who would use it to create fifty million corpses. Her enemies think she is a terrified little girl. But she is a warrior set to burn them all.

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“A pulse-pounding, Nazi espionage thriller”
The Guardian on Orphan Monster Spy


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Key Stage: KS4 E; Age 14+

BIC: E3N79

ISBN: 9781474942393
448 pages
198 x 130mm

Matt Killeen

Matt Killeen was born in Birmingham and, like many of his generation, was absorbed by tales of the war and obsessed with football from an early age. Guitars arrived at fourteen, wrecking any hopes of so-called normality.

He has had a great many careers – some creative, some involving laser guns – and has made a living as an advertising copywriter and largely ignored music and sports journalist. He fulfilled a childhood ambition and became a writer for the world’s best-loved toy company in 2010.

He lives near London with his soulmate, children, dog and musical instruments, looking wistfully north at a hometown that has been largely demolished & rebuilt in his lengthy absence.

Orphan Monster Spy is his first novel.

Matt Killeen