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Hi, I'm Philippa. I used to be a teacher and I'm Mum to 4 children (all grown up now) and I've been with Usborne for over 16 years.

Well, what can I tell you about Usborne? It's fun, flexible and rewarding, whether you just want to earn 'a bit extra' or build it up to a full-time income, it's up to you!

Full-time, part-time, spare time or working purely online... You will ALWAYS be welcome as part of the Usborne Team! As an experienced Team Leader I can help you to make a success of your business too.  I started this business because I just loved the books- It's grown into something much bigger and I've had such a good time along the way. I've made new friends, been on several Travel Incentives and have put thousands of free books into the hands of children.

Work should be enjoyable! Why not see how Usborne can give you the income you need, without 'stressing' or having to make compromises with quality time with your family. Maybe you need extra income, or just a 'new challenge'. Your Usborne business can be tailor-made to your cirumstances and aspirations.

Click 'Join My Team' on the top right of this webpage to take the first step to your new business or call me for an informal chat, or email me to find out about what Usborne can do for you!  You will be pleased you did!

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Usborne: 'Make Money, Make a Difference, Have Fun!'

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