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Sue Barker, Independent Usborne Organiser

Book Review - The Twitches Meet a Puppy

9th May 2019

Stevie is very excited. Her best friend Eshe is round for a sleepover, and they are having a great game with the Twitches and their teacup house. Stevie's mum is away so her dad and his husband, Stuart, are looking after her, and she knows she'll have lots of fun with them. 

When Stuart arrives after work, there is lots of excitement for Stevie and Eshe. He's brought his puppy, Rio, with him and she is full of energy and fun! And, he's also brought an extra present for Stevie - some roller skates just like Eshe's!

While Stevie, her dad and Eshe go roller skating (accompanied by Fig Twitch and Daddy Gabriel), Silver Twitch and Mama Bo are left in their teacup house in the garden, with a very bouncy puppy a bit too close for comfort! 

When the puppy starts nosing around in their teacup house, Silver and Mama Bo run for safety, and the contents of the teacup house are soon scattered around the garden. When Stevie returns to find Silver and Mama Bo missing she is devastated, and the hunt for them begins. Can Silver and Mama Bo find their way back home, and will the naughty puppy start behaving herself? 

The Twitches Meet a Puppy is the third title in the wonderful Teacup House series by Hayley Scott. With brilliantly detailed illustrations throughout by Pippa Curnick, it's a real storytime treat. Perfect for anyone who has ever wondered if their toys might come to life when they're not looking, it's full of fun, humour and adventure and is sure to be requested again and again at bedtime.

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