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Sue Barker, Independent Usborne Organiser

An Usborne Storytime and Craft Party

1st July 2015

"Home parties are one of my favourite types of events and I’ve delivered many daytime and evening ones during my six years as an Usborne lady," writes Katie.

"My latest mission has been to improve my daytime offering by finding something different to my usual 'pop-up bookshop'. After some market research from friends and past hosts, I came upon the idea of an Usborne Storytime & Craft Party. With such a wonderful selection of Usborne Books to choose from the hardest part was choosing a story!"

"After some fun at home with my own children testing out lots of Usborne stories and craft ideas, I decided to use ‘How High is the Sky?’ for my first Storytime Party."

"During half term my host Lisa kindly provided her garden for the Storytime and Craft activities, whilst I set up my usual 'pop-up bookshop' in her dining room. We had a brilliant time outside reading the story, after which the children had great fun making their own hot air balloon to take home (just like the one Pipkin used in the story). I also provided some print outs from the Usborne website for the children."

"I received great feedback from the mums at the party and they enjoyed getting a chance to have a look at my books and have a catch-up whilst the children were entertained."

"I’m looking forward to organising lots more Storytime Parties for toddlers during term time and also for older children during the summer holidays."

What a fantastic idea! Thank you for sharing, Katie.

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