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Tammie Evans

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Hello and welcome to my Usborne site!  I appreciate you taking the time to read the "About Me" page, thank you :)

I decided to start with Usborne because of a life change, I'm being made redundant from my retail job of almost 20 years.  I also have pretty severe anxiety and I'm hoping this change will help along with the opportunities I'm hoping it can bring.

I love reading and always have from childhood, my parents always made sure I could read as much as I wanted.  Teachers at school also enouraged me too, and I remember Usborne visiting my infants school, I still have two of the books even now!

The range of books in the catalogue is amazing, the books I've seen so far are beautiful and will help to develop a love of reading in children, which is what I'm focused on doing, helping children to love books and reading.

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