That's My English Book

Rosa Ramos, Independent Usborne Organiser


Fairytale sticker stories

  • A classic fairytale, retold as a storybook, sticker book and puzzle all in one.
  • With over 50 colourful picture stickers.
  • Story contains gaps for key words, which children can fill with sticker pictures to help build their vocabulary and reading skills.
  • Gorgeously illustrated by Stephen Cartwright.


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Extra information

Age: 3+

ISBN: 9780746073254
16 pages + 2 pages stickers
276 x 216mm

Illustrator: Stephen Cartwright

Heather Amery

Heather Amery was born and brought up in Bath, Somerset. Heather has written over a hundred books for children, including alphabet books, science and history books, craft books, classical fairy tales, a series for beginner readers called Farmyard Tales, Bible stories, and Greek Myths. She has also compiled word books, song books, and books of poetry.

Reader reviews

Sticker Crazy
I'm now onto my 4th copy of this sticker book. My daughter was 2yrs and 1 month when we first attempted this book and she loves it. I tear out the sticker pages and then read the first page. She then finds the stickers for that page and sticks them on. I'm not sure how much of the story she takes in but she always wants Cinderella at bed time. She's very interested in the 'baddies' and the ugly step sisters get quite a telling off. Well one of them does, she's decided that only one of them is naughty. We have done 2 of all the other fairy tales in the range and we're ordering more of these too. She's less interested in finding the ducks - but we usually get around to doing it because I can't bear to waste any stickers.

Nicola, 15th August 2012
Cinderella Sticker Storybook
My 5 year old received this book when she was nearly 3. She loved doing it then and still loves having it read to her now and looking for the ducks! We will be getting more! Simple versions of the original tales which she can now start to attempt to read herself so even after the stickers have been stuck, it still has longevity!

Claire Woods, 24th September 2010
My 2 year old loves this book and we have bought more. She likes using the stickers, looking for the ducks and the story as well. She started before she was 2 so don't be put off by the age 3 label!

Louise Dexter, 8th April 2008